4210 Riverwalk Parkway, Ste. 300
Riverside CA 92505

Phone: (951) 358-5029 Fax: (951) 358-5160
Office Hours: 8:00 am - 5:00 pm Monday - Friday

Please note that all certification must be done via the ImageTrend License Management System, at https://ca.emsbridge.com/remsa .

Riverside County EMS Agency (REMSA) Staff

Barton, Bruce Director of EMS EMS System Administration
Bates, Dan Senior EMS Specialist Operations
Cisneros, Lizette
Office Assistant III
Dominguez, Jennifer Office Assistant III Certification/Accreditation
Douville, Trevor Deputy EMS Administrator EMS Administrative Zones
ALS Contract Monitoring
First Response Agreements
Disaster Medical System
Duty Officer Program
Farrokhi, Catherine Supervising Research Specialist
EMS Data
Herbaugh, Georgia Secretary Agency Secretary
Heyden, Misty Administrative Services Analyst II Ambulance Contract Compliance
Ambulance Patient Offload Delays (APOD/APOT)
ImageTrend License Management System (LMS) Administration
Kissel, Shanna Assistant Nurse Manager Trauma System
Helicopter EMS (HEMS)
Lee, James EMS Specialist Ambulance Permitting
Ambulance Compliance Monitoring
Emergency Medical Dispatch
Designated Officer / Infection Control Programs
EMS Administrative Zones
Interfacility Transfer Task Force
Madrid, Lisa EMS Specialist Continuous Quality Improvement
Mahesh, Sudha Research Specialist II EMS Data
Olson, Henry EMS Specialist Continuous Quality Improvement
Petrilla, Karen EMS Specialist Credentialing
 Pham, Evelyn Administrative Services Assistant Hospital Data Collection
EMS Committees
Plumley, Misty Senior EMS Specialist Training / Continuing Education
EMS for Children (EMSC)
Policy Manual
Ritchey, Nick EMS Specialist Data System
Ambulance Compliance Monitoring
Shepherd, Patrice EMS Research Specialist
Database Administration
Geographic Information Systems/Maps (GIS)
Data Projects
Vaezazizi, Reza Medical Director EMS System Medical Control